July 05, 2013 - Embracing Mistakes

It has been getting increasingly hard to decide what to make each day.  And I say decide because it is not that I am having difficulty coming up with ideas, but rather choosing which to make.  I went into this with several sketches for pieces, maybe tops ten, and figured the rest will come during the process.  But I have been already changing things and reacting more intuitively than I originally thought I would.  This comes as a surprise and not necessarily one that makes things easier.  I also started to get a jump start on certain things, like cutting several pairs of undergarments at a time, getting those out of the way early in the day so that I can focus on the more interesting and more consuming pieces.  I am slowly getting better at making the undergarments, figuring out a system.  I remember working at a costume shop in maybe 2007 and they wanted me to wind ribbon onto a spool.  At the beginning of the day I started doing this using my hands and going very slowly, but by the end of the day I had rigged up this whole winding system with pencils and whatever.  My point is that the more you are forced to act out a repetitive task, the more likely you are to figure out a more efficient system.  So far with the actual garments, I am worried about being too formulaic and want to make sure that there is good variety in the work, though I am sure at some point I will make more wrap pants and probably another dress like the one I am wearing today (not for lack of ideas, but because I like it and I know how it works, AND I could improve upon what I did).   

  Last night, post fireworks, I was talking with some people about this project and we were talking about the intention behind the whole thing.  I think going into this, when I thought about this project many years ago, it seemed a more historical or technical challenge, something that was relevant to the consumerist nature of the artform of fashion, and how that relates to the modern cloth market.  But as I go forward, even only a few days in, I am definitely seeking something more.  I am looking to use hard work, repetition, and structure to transcend material in the most literal way.  I already feel as though I have a better understanding of myself in a way, or at least I am finding things out that I am surprised by.  I am finding strength and comfort in my ability to do this and the fact that I truly deep down have no doubt that I can execute this (regardless of how miserable it may make me as it goes on for another 25 days).  It feels similar to being marginally without a home base last year as I commuted back and forth from Boston to New York each day.  Maintaining sanity in a constant state of limbo leaves no energy for concern of other peoples' judgements, and I think this was a big lesson for me to learn; that it is seemingly the most simple thing to discard insecurities as seen through others eyes.  Once free from that, there is much space for more productive thoughts.   

July 05, 2013.  double wrap dress with bias binding as worn. 

July 05, 2013.  knit double tank.

July 05, 2013 double circle wrap skirt