July 04, 2013 - Day of Independence

I was not so happy with the way the shirt came out, I intended something completely different but did make it work in practice.  The pants, I love, pretty dramatic to wear these, it feels like a very full skirt but with more body definition as pants.  Today was rushed and I opted to try for a one piece dress rather than a shirt and skirt.  It was a challenge to achieve the symmetry in combination with fit without adding seams, but I think I got around that by accenting these design lines with the black bias binding.   I was hesitant to use the red fabric for continuity and cohesiveness, but I couldn't help myself.  I am still a little unsure as to how much color I actually want to involve, but I suppose since I am only a few days in and it is already happening, it will probably just continue.  More later, need to watch fireworks.  

July 04, 2013, circle pants and knit shirt as worn.

July 04, 2013, double wrap dress with bias binding.