July 13, 2013 - Selling Out

Today my colleague Matthew White  (ETSY! ) and I pedaled our wares at the Hester Street Fair in Lower Manhattan.  We have been working a few of these fairs (Artists and Fleas in Williamsburg) for a couple of months now, which is such an interesting experience as an artist.  We both apply certain skills that pertain to our practice to making salable objects, mostly jewelry, that are high craft functional art objects.  It is funny being behind the booth for these events though, especially as an artist.  I think that because of an inherent commitment to our own work and process, it is really hard for us to detach ourselves in a way from certain aspects of the work that maybe make them more distinguished objects, and in being so, pertain to a somewhat isolated audience.  I hate selling things.  I mean, I love selling things, but I hate thinking about how to make something MORE salable.  It fucks with dedication and the worth that I believe the objects to have in them, I suppose which stems from original intent.  Every step of the way since the day that I chose to pursue a career in the arts, I have had to come to terms with the fact that it is ALL business.  I think there is something false that convinces you that there is something virtuous about being a creative professional that deludes you into thinking you do not have to operate as a business person.  Every different job that I have held (and trust me, I have worked A LOT of different jobs) demystifies this further and further, even education.  Though I understand that higher education is a huge business, for all of the jobs I have had, teaching seems the easiest for me to justify to myself as a money making endeavor.  I think all teachers look forward to a break at the end of the school term, but I really have been missing this engagement for the past month or so and am very much looking forward to the fall.  The dialogue is stimulating and it is the kind of work that you can bring your interests to in order to help people gain a better understanding of the world.  Even though they are paying great sums for this, at least I do feel as though I am in control of the value of this exchange.  

  In other news, today was one of my favorite outfits so far, it is a wrap romper (a patternmaking feat that I also have to say is a little funny getting into and out of) but it was comfortable, it looks totally abstract on the wall, as well as graphic, and who doesn't love a romper.   

July 12, 2013 - wrap romper

July 12, 2013 - as worn