July 12, 2013 - Sacred

  So I sort of promised myself that I wouldn't talk about this on the blog, but in addition to making my clothes everyday as a regiment and ritual, I have also been attending yoga class every day.  This is not so much important to the project as it is just having a commitment that is outside of my normal practice and something that I have never really done consistently.  I don't see any reason to go too much into this, but I have been noticing that physical rigor actually psychologically really plays well with mental and emotional rigor.  The idea of pushing yourself to an edge, trying to make it through one more repetition or holding a pose for one more breath, seems an appropriate metaphor for maintaining stamina throughout the studio practice as well.  What is one more breath?  It is nothing, and when you make it through, the pain is over and seems nothing but a distant and bittersweet memory.   

  I was also thinking today a lot about the idea of the art object as something sacred and the kind of appreciation projected onto these elevated objects.  Wearing the pieces as clothing can sometimes feel as though I am degrading them, or ruining them in a way, through wrinkling or spilling things on them when I eat and sweating in them while I work.  This preciousness is interesting to juxtapose with utility, as I feel that it is something that defines the small but deep chasm between art and design.  On the design side of things, some objects do attain the same status as art, and I feel as those that do, are neglected their intended use because of the sanctity of their existence.  It is an interesting place to be in, as the maker of these dual purpose pieces (which let's be honest, most artists have much less concern over their own work than the people who sell, collect, and trade the work do), as well the the user, and in effect, potential destroyer.  So much intent goes into the creation of the works, yet such an unintentional and accidental slip can destroy them.  I didn't ruin anything yet, I just keep thinking I am going to, I guess the awareness is what I am interested in.  

July 11 2013 - knit dress

July 11, 2013 - as worn