Suit Yourself: Bushwick 2013

  This portion of my website is dedicated to the documentation of a month long performance, of a sort, for which I am attempting to design and construct my clothing every day for the duration of 30 days.  These pieces double as functional apparel, but are first and foremost formal wall sculptures.  With a background in both design and fine art, it is of the utmost importance for me to balance these two concepts (form and function) as evenly and as successfully as possible.  Each day I am responsible for designing and constructing all items I will need to wear for the following day, including undergarments.  This ritualistic and repetitive process is intended to conjure a comfortable and utilitarian flow within the studio space, an act that can instill subversive transcendence and thought processes.  Each day I will be posting images of the sculptures displayed on the wall, followed by photographs of the pieces as they are worn on the body.  I will also be documenting the trials and tribulations of this experience though this venue.