July 2, 2013 - Construction

Though today was not the first day that I found myself wearing only clothing that I have made, it did feel slightly different than ever before.  I suppose because I am obviously expecting it and settling into the rhythm of this action and response.  The last time I did a small scale version of this project, through chashama in the garment district, I constructed regular clothing from patterns, rather than constructing them as sculptures under the guise of clothing, and vice versa.  This clearly changes the approach and execution of these pieces, weirdly freeing me up to explore the geometry of the body and simplify my knowledge of pattern making.  Some of my most recent sculptures (seen under the VOWELS tab), which have inevitably informed these pieces, were made solely as wall sculptures, and thus were completely free, never worrying about closures or fit, but only focusing on form and aesthetics.  I thought making work that is also supposed to be displayed on the body, and really really pass for regular clothing, would be a challenge and would hinder the success of the pieces on the wall, but I actually think it is informing a lot of things so far.  I am a little unclear as to talk about this yet, but I feel as though the wall pieces are taking shape more organically this way, due to certain structural constraints and requirements for them to actually operate on the body.   

  The pieces from July 1 were a pair of striped silk wrap pants - a not uncommon pattern  that I have utilized in costuming due to needing versatility when it came to sizing - and a reverse cropped tank thing made of what I assume to be a rayon or rayon blend.  These pieces were bound with 1/4" cotton bias binding, allowing me to avoid hemming and also make a graphic statement, especially with the top.  Today, when I did venture out, I went to the Metropolitan Museum of Art and visited the Punk show there. The clothes were comfortable and I didn't feel as though I stuck out or looked like I had made my clothing, which is definitely a goal while doing this.  The cashier actually asked me where I got the pants.  Good sign.  The show itself was pretty good, a little limited and less documentary than maybe I would have liked (outside of the cheesy re-creation of the CBGB bathroom they had, which ultimately looked a lot like most bar bathrooms in NYC today, and in much fancier establishments than CBGBs), but overall, I did appreciate seeing some of the runway pieces from designers who have always pushed the envelope.  

  Again I got a bit of a late start, mostly because of my midtown excursion, but I had to go to Manhattan anyway for some notions, mainly bra elastic and stretch fabrics, and I still finished in less time than yesterday.  I assume I am going to get a bit faster at all of this, but I also foresee a little bit of trauma at the start of each session deciding what to make next.  Hopefully because there is so much time I will just settle on what feels right.  Today I made a pair of drop crotch cropped pants using a lot of triangles and did some seaming with this idea.  This is something I am interested in playing with going forward and might be a way for me to make pieces that are more standard clothing shapes but fucking with these details might make them more potent formal 2D objects.  The shirt I made also centered around triangles, though I think that I will end up wearing it differently than I had first envisioned.  Check back tomorrow for images of how this manifested itself on the body.  

Today I am also posting images of the undergarments, which I do not think I will do every day, as sometimes they will be very plain and often the same pattern (though eventually I do want to make a couple of pieces that do double as wall sculptures, I am acclimating to this process and can only do so much at the moment), but this pair came out pretty great and the fabric is to die for.  I bought it today from the Spandex House, a two floor go to establishment FULL of stretch fabrics.  A veritable spandex mecca, if every you need that. 

Rayon Shirt, July 02, 2013

Cotton Pant, July 02, 2013

Undergarments, July 02, 2013